Arabic Transliteration Fonts

The Jaghbub font package

This is a set of fonts for use in Middle Eastern languages transliterated to the Latin script. They have the most common diacritics used in transliteration of Arabic and Persian in various transliteration / transcription formats. The fonts are modifications of standard Times, Helvetica and Palatino, and will print on any printer in a quality similar to those fonts. Included in the package are keyboard layouts to facilitate typing in these fonts, and various tools based on them.


5 thoughts on “Arabic Transliteration Fonts

  1. Please help as to how Arial Unicode works – I mean how do you set it up on the computer, it doesnt seem to have some the symbols we need e.g. the for the ض ص ط etc.

    Update: OK – I managed to copy the Arial Unicode MS from another computer and installed it. It has all the symbols you need for transliteration.

    You can also install it by following the instructions here.

  2. using transliteration fonts is not an ideal solution because you cannot change the font face and preserve the Arabic characters.

    Instead use an Arabic transliteration text editor that replaces latin ascii characters by their Arabic phonetic equivalent. This way you can use your text (by copy and past) in any application of web form.

    one such tool is eiktub which you can download for free or use the online web-based version of it at

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