Name: Fahim Hoosen

Kunya: Abu Usamah (NB: Please donot confuse me with Abu Usamah al-Thahabi, an Imam in the UK.)

Location: Durban, South Africa


Interests: Islamic Sciences, Makka, Madina, People, Muslim Cultures, Website Design …

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Assalamu Alaykum W W

    Respected Molana,

    Thankyou for an inspiring and informative weblog. In particular the posts regarding the authenticity of the Noble Qur’aan.

    May Allah Ta’aala bless you with a life of Aafiyah.

  2. Assalaamu’alaikum.
    Moulana, Jazaakumullahu Khaira for your the information you gather for us on your blog. It truly makes things easy for us.
    May Allah accept your khidmaat.

  3. Assalaamu’alaikum.

    hope u well.

    i heard on the Radio Islam news just before Ramadan that a Fatwa had been issued in Saudi that moon sighting will take place only by “Ru’yah” however i cant find the fatwa anywhere. kindly locate and post on ur blog.


  4. This is Abdul Rahman Mojahed, 27 years old, Egyptian national.Please provide me with your email in order that I attach to you my book’s galley for review, otherwise you can send me your address to send to you a copy of the book.The book is entitled “Superior Woman, Inferior Man, in Islam”. It is published in the USA by the American Book Publishing(ABP). Though it has yet to be fully launched on the Internet, you can check it through the following links:


    If you want a copy of the book, please do not hesitate to send me your address so that I will send it to you. Please find below my contact information:

    Mailing Address: 17 Madrasat Wali Al-Ahd St., Abbassia, Cairo, EgyptEmail: abdu_mojahed@yahoo.com
    Cell Phone No.: +002/ 0168639849

    Hoping to hear from you the soonest



  5. salam a lakuim I’m trying to get into contact with Sheikh Abu Usamah i have some questions i need to ask him inshallah. He recently came to Canada Toronto for a lecture, If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciative

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