Muhammad, the best of Allah’s creation

This is a poem I wrote:
Muhammad, the best of Allah’s creation
Owner of the Praiseworthy Station (al Maqam al Mahmud)
Sent to rescue mankind from eternal damnation
Our hearts are overwhelmed In his admiration
Secluded in the cave of Hira deep in meditation
The angel Jibril came to him with the first revelation
From that day on he spread the message with utmost dedication
Three years later came the command of proclamation
Patiently he bore the abuse, the vilification
With entrails on his back he remained in prostration
Certain that these trials will one day lead to reformation
When the Quraysh failed in all forms of provocation
They offered him wealth, power and every temptation
When even this did not work they resorted to isolation
In the mountain pass of Bani Talib he and his companions faced starvation
To Taif he went filled with hope and expectation
Only to be stoned and suffer yet another humiliation
Instead of cursing or taking revenge he prayed for the coming generation
Allah then honoured him in the heavens by special invitation
After 13 years of endurance he was given permission for migration
The girls of Yathrib sang in anticipation
Of his arrival to the City of Illumination
Every person generously offered him accommodation
But it was Abu Ayyub to whom we must present congratulation
Between the Ansar and Muhajirun there was no discrimination
Black, White, Arab and non Arab stood together in congregation
All matters were settled amongst them by way of consultation
Like brothers they lived under his administration
His life and words formed the basis of legislation
Badr, Uhud, the Trench and the Federation (al-ahzab)
Numerous Battles served only to strengthen their determination
After the conquest of Makka, Madina was visited by every delegation
The articles of faith their only declaration
This being the sign of Islam’s domination
The mission of the Prophet had reached culmination
These words acknowledge their limitation
In fulfilling their duty of showing appreciation
For the one whose praise is a binding obligation
Indeed his way is worthy of emulation
His teachings a source of inspiration
And his life a cause for celebration
May Allah’s blessings be on him with no discontinuation
Our prayers for him and salutation
Are indeed a means for our own salvation.
– Fahim